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Pre-Game Preparation

PEI U14 Boys Provincial Soccer Team

Pre-Game is your time!

From the night before the big game until the moment you get dropped off at the field, that block of time is YOUR pre-game time. How are you going to use it to make sure that when you play you are at your absolute best? Here's some things that may help you put that time to good use and create a killer pre-game routine.

The Big 4 Mental Prep Skills

The game plan is for game day but the other three skills - mental rehearsal, positive self-talk and activation control you can be using during your pre-game routine.

Mental Rehearsal

Mental rehearsal is the skill of seeing yourself in your mind playing the game and being successful

Mental Rehearsal - Basic

Mental Rehearsal of a Penalty Kick

Positive Self-Talk

Tell yourself how ready you are, how strong you feel, how great you'll play.

How to do Positive Self-Talk


Activation refers to your energy level. The night before you don't want to have high energy as you'll never get to sleep. The morning of the game you don't want to be too low in energy that you don't feel any excitement at all. Once you know what the right amount of energy is that you need, you can use one of the videos below to help you get to your proper level of activation. The first one will help you relax while the next three are intended to help you get excited.

Activation - Go through this the night before or the morning of the game if you get too nervous or feel too excited

Activation - Motivation 1

Activation - Motivation 2

Activation - Motivation 3

Focus and Distractions

Your pre-game routine should help you get your activation level to where it needs to be as you arrive at the field. Once you arrive at the field distractions are the danger. They'll interfere with your activation level.

How to Focus - A Quick Guide for Athletes.mp4

What You Can & Can't Control

As much as you prepare to be your best and focus to stay on the game plan, sooner or later something unexpected or bad will happen. It's not a matter IF it will happen, it's a matter of WHEN it will happen. You can't spend your game looking over your shoulder wondering if that negative thing is going to happen, that's too distracting. But when it does happen you can recognize very quickly what you can and can't control. Focus on what you can control, spending your time worrying about things that you can't control is just a distraction.