About Us

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What’s in a Name?

Brain candy is a catchphrase that has most likely emerged from the expression eye candy.  Eye candy refers to someone physically attractive but lacking any intellectual strength, therefore, brain candy refers to something that is highly entertaining without being intellectually challenging.

Brain candy has meant that something is entertaining because it’s stimulating but doesn’t make the mind work.  On the contrary, brain candy is highly entertaining because it is intellectually stimulating.

That notion of brain candy needs to change.  

What’s the difference between education and learning?  Education is a destination; it has a start and a finish.  Learning is a journey; it’s finite.  What’s the definition of intelligence?  It’s not only how much you know but how well you solve problems – how well you think.  And consider this.  Being truly intelligent means being able to hold opposing views on the same topic in your head at the same time without having a cognitive melt down.

We need to look differently at what it means to be intelligent.  We need to look differently at what it means to be educated.  And, for our own evolution in the 21st century, we need to look differently at what it means to learn.  

What does Brain Candy Learning do?

  • Instructional design - BCL's expertise in all things teaching and learning can help positively shape your learning environment.
  • Facilitation - BCL is experienced in leading groups of all different types.
  • Training & Development -  BCL can help you turn your employee training or professional development into a successful long-term return on investment for your organization.
  • eLearning & Online Training - Go digital with your training or learning needs.  BCL specializes in getting results on limited budgets.

Brain Candy Learning also exists to help people tap more into their potential via their ability to become better learners.  Brain Candy learning can fundamentally guide change in the way people learn.

How is this Achieved?

Becoming a better learner is enabled through 

  • corporate or not-for-profit customizable workshops, apprenticeships and keynotes,  
  • done in person or on-line and  
  • designed and delivered with great aplomb!

Who’s Behind Brain Candy Learning?

My name is Joel MacDonald and I’m a bonified learning junkie.  Growing up, I was not a good learner.  I had no idea how to learn and I had a poor mindset towards school and learning.  In the last ten years, I've been learning how to learn and have become fascinated by the idea of lifelong learning.  I spend the better part of each day learning how to be a better learner.  Over the last 25 years I’ve supported my obsession by taking on jobs as a public school teacher, sports coach, group facilitator, training & development consultant and instructional designer.  The only thing I enjoy more than learning is helping others to learn.  I’m here to guide and facilitate organizations and individuals in their learning development journey.  

The Brain 

Candy Vision

Driving a new era of learning fit for the demands of the 21st century.

The Brain 

Candy Mission

Brain Candy Learning accelerates the potential for learning through the creation of streamlined and meaningful learning environments.  Brain Candy Learning's services are provided to individuals or groups.  Children, youth, adults or seniors.  Not-for-profits or for-profits.  It's for people that need to enhance their knowledge, skills or attitudes.  More importantly Brain Candy Learning is here to help people learn how to become better learners.  Learning is a skill.  Sadly, it is a skill that is not taught as much in educational environments as it should be.  Brain Candy Learning is all about making the implicit explicit – putting the skill of learning equally alongside the content to be learned.